Welcome to the home page for Shadows on the Wall: a simple and fun story created for people of all ages. Enjoy playing and learning with a little girl and her new monster friend as they discover the world around them!

The Story:

A little girl slept heavily while the wind outside whistles loudly around the room. A blurry figure crawled out of the shadow. He was confused and lonely, hoping to find anyone and anything to rid his unease. The monster spent a lot of time searching for other monsters like him, with no results. While he sat there sadly, he felt a warm hand gently pet his shoulder. It was the girl's hand. “I've been waiting for you,” she said to the monster. “Every storm I wish for a friend so I wouldn't be scared and no one ever comes. I’m Lucy and I’ll call you Wolfy!” The eyes of the monster glowed in the night. It stared into the eyes of its first friend. It nestled up against the girl's leg with happiness in its heart. After meeting Lucy, the duo came across other beings who had been wondering the house because of the loud storm outside. First they met the dust bunnies, little fuzzy creatures who love to hop and play. Then, some other monsters similar to Wolfie came out from the shadows wanting to join them and help Wolfie and Lucy not feel so alone anymore. The monster, the little girl, and their new friends danced and played the whole night. They completely forgot about the storm. “Will you come back for the next storm?” asked Lucy. Wolfie nodded as the sun began to rise and fill Lucy's eyes with rays of sunshine. For a moment she was blinded, but when she looked back to where Wolfie had been, the monster was gone along with all the other friends she had made that night. Lucy knew though that they would keep their promise and be back again real soon.